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>> the storm is affecting crab fishing just got underway a week and a half ago. many anchoring their boats until this storm passes. the coast guard warning bhoters of wind gusts that could create dangerous seas and boaters not takingcnviñpgce autos boat going to tie up. and you can see a lack of a cloud product. >> the storm is not expected to affect1ás?ñ price buzz crab prices expected to come down because there is less bee demand because prices are expected to jump up again before christmas. >> on the bay bridge today, extra precautions being taken to make sure heavy equipment working on the span does not topple in windy storms coming our way. this is a live picture. we're now wlif a story on abc 7 news. >> dan what most of us referred to is the bay bridge.
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they react differently. the signature suspension span here with the to you yir, the model survived speeds up to 150 miles per hour. real thing here is expected to move only a maximum of six inches in any given direction. skyway expected only to vibrate and then, beyond that, the oakland touched down is so low to the ground. they're not worried about wind,. >> high water is a problem at eastern end of the bridge with a possible deal youth expected tonight, contractors are getting ready. >> they're expecting some heavy rains over next five days. so... we don't want weather to impact construction schedules so we do as much as we can
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comes we're ready for it and work can go on according to plan. >> in dry weather, hoses pump waters off a site one section at a time for concrete borers. engineerers worried they can undermine the wall so today, more hoses were brought in. it's a;i61 worried about controlling polluted runnoff. >> we have a prevention plan. and it maps out how we're planning to do deal with heavy rainfall. >> a special felt like fabric lines the drains to catch sediment and let water pass through. those tested and replaced. on the suspension span, workers swril to comemskbs downd out of heavy equipment when wind speeds reach above 20 miles per hour.
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here, rain is a threat. much of it has already been wrapped in layers of zinc paste and interlocking s wire. the rest is now wrapped if plastic. wind and rain shouldn't be a problem. >> this bridge is designed to withstand biggest earthquake that's will happen in a 1500 year yo.d 150 year design life. so this is expected to last. >> then, just a little retro fitting should bring it up to code. the new bay bridge is on schedule next year, 279 days and counting. >> reassuring news. bridge should be fine, we're counting down the days until the newestern span of the bay bridge opens. there are 279 days to go, it's
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on schedule. >> the approach of the big storm are the series of storms, sort of a important reminder to make sure you're ready for rain this season or any natural hazard. check out advise of prepare nor cal. you'll find it on our web site abc 7 >> rescuing a special needs girl from a bus that caught fire, abc 7 news is live from san jose tonight with the story. incredible. >> wait until you look at the video. we got a look at the school bus. take a look at this video. you'll see what i mean. and why the bus driver is being hailed as a hero. we have a picture of the bus, shortly after it caught fire this morning. you can see flames. the bus driver noticed smoke coming from the engine right off after he'd crop dropped
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off three students. there was still a special needs student on the bus in, a wheelchair, needing to go to another location when wilma jumped into action, activated the lift to get the students off the bus but because of the emergency, the power shout down, leaving the student stranded on the lift and in her wheelchair. a dip ti superintendent picks up the story from there. >> our bus driver picked the child up skrks carried her to the bench away from ty@m
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and so all in all a happy ending today. to what is a scary situation. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> was, indeed, thank you. >> santa clara county prosecutor as announced the 15-year-old boy will face charges as an adult following a deadly crime spree. police believe he took part in four armed robberies and murder of a car jacking victim as well as attempted murder of a police officer. officer as rested on friday. the 26-year-old was charges included murder. and and this happened during a traffic stop before tk a.m. near escuela parkway.
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police say the men started shooting. the officer was not hit and managed to return fire, he did suffer injuries on this toll bridge you can see here. the shooter escaped. the car was found nearby. that car had been reported stolen. the officer is on leave during the shooting investigation. >> a fourth person from a senior care facility in placer a care giver picked wild mushrooms and made soup as a treat. all victims were sickened almost three weeks ago. state is investigating but deputies say it appears to have been a tragic mistake. >> a new report found marin county is not the only area where breast cancer rates are higher than the state average. researcher was california breast cancer mapping project identified other bay area counties today. abc 7 news is here with the story on this. >> the state of california wanted a more detailed
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geographic view of the problem. the group public health institutes given a chant to identify the breast cancer clusters. what they found is creating a lot more questions about risk factors. >> researchers tried to figure out why marin county has high rates of breast cancer. >> alcohol is associated with an increased risk. clearly taking hormone replacement therapy. >> being white, having children late or not at all, are also rigs being factors and many women don't fall into the categories yet, three cities are now said to have different rates than the average. researchers also found parts of contra costa, napa, solano, santa clara and san mateo
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counties had 10% to 20% higher rates. project relied on data from california cancer registry, looking at cases from 2000, to 2008. she was involved in the project. barlow says it could lead to further research. >> you know, we're in the district. >> rica lives in half moon bay, making the list of the area was higher rates. she was diagnosed six years ago. >> when woe see certain areas have risks it leads to us ask why? >> having a lot of breast tissue is associated with
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higher risk of breast cancer, dense breast tissue and a tumor appear white. so doctors have to notify women in whiting -- writing if they have high density. the law goes into affect april 1, 2013. dan? >> yes. thank you. >> coming up here next michael finney with the high tech gift that can't keep up with demands this holiday season. >> also, a sheriff goes back to school to tackle a serious subject. parents concerns over a registered sex offender allowed to volume lun near a school. >> and apple sends a big message to customers about quality control. a product that got a manager fired. stay with us.
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here is a live look at the campus of oikos university. the school community holding a concert and dedicating a garden this evening to victims of that shooting rampage on the campus in april. seven people died tlchl the victims included students and staff members. prosecutors say the former nursing student one goh was the gunman captured in a shopping sent center in alameda. goh pled got yilt -- guilty to the charges. >> today a federal judge denied a national rifle association nra a preliminary injunction against two san francisco gun laws. the city attorney argued the ordinance reasonably helped public safety without denying the right to bear arms. the law requires guns to be
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locked when stored in the home. another law bars sale of particularly dangerous am mission that has no sporting purpose. >> santa clara county sheriff meeting with parents in a san jose sqool skool where a registered sex offender was allowed to volunteer on campus. parents want to make sure this never happens again, anywhere. >> it's true. the meeting got underway at 2:00. giving parents an opportunity to question the sheriff. and an investigation is still underway to determine whether anyone knew that a volunteer was a registered sex offender. sheriff smith hoped the meeting would be up to public and media but officials didn't agree so the sheriff spoke to us before the meeting. >> we brought flyers. we brought maps and information on the internet and information about child offenders. i want the parents to tell me what their looking for from
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us. >> the map showing where registered sex offenders live within a mile of the school. each represented by a blue square. the map is available online to parents. >> we have about 4,000 registered sex offenders this this county. >> someone at the school allowed the 51-year-old child molester to volume lun near a fund raising event. the bishop said this will never happen again. left. >> everybody is going to work together now. we're a strong community. we're going to look out so that is what happens. so yeah. yeah. there are no concerns for me.. >> parents didn't know about the convicted child molester being on campus until a former
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student recognized him, and went online to confirm his identity. >> david, thank you. >> there is a major shake up today at apple. bloomberg reporting apple fired the manager responsible for a rare, spectacular misfire, that is the maps replacing popular google maps. apple says it's hopes will revive trust in the software, critics complaint the new maps were unreliable. apple apologized for the error and is preparing new maps, map app to correct the mistake. >> wells fargo announced goitsing to offer down payment assistance to moderate income residents. the city lift program will provide 250 families withy
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hearing they love the rates out there. they love affordable they're seeing in the mampblgt but they just lack that down payment assistance. >> the program is for qualified potential home buyers. work shops will take place at the oakland convention center marriott its holiday shopping season. a lot of us letting fingers do the walking and buying these days. >> cyber monday, figures are in and impressive. sales up from 17% to 28% depending on who you believe. almost $2 million went mobile. coming in higher with the bench mark says sales actually spiked 28% this year.
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that is a new record. despite hype, online sales account for just 10% of the holiday spending. organic peanut butter sk pulled off shelves tonight because of a salmonela outbreak traced to a plant in new mexico being blamed for sickness of 41 individuals. the fda is ordering peanut plant shut down. investigators found bacterial contamination at the plant suspending sunland license. this is the first time ever a plant has been ortdered closed under the new law. the director of consumer union initiative is applauding this shut down. >> this is the action sends a powerful message. that if you're producing substan yard conditions, and putting up food which is hazardous, fda will shut you down. >> the company says it's
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workers have torn down, rebuilding the equipment and must wait for approval before reopening. every season there is one popular gift usually a toy that, is seemingly impossible to get. this year it may be anyone tenda wii-u. nintendo says it can't make them fast enough or 400,000 units have been sold. i said if there is a toy on the list have you to buy it earlier, including than later, that includes everything else out there. >> good advice, thank you. >> refocusing on weather and powerful series of storms. >> yes. this is going to be serious. >> absolutely. you'll want to give time, it's going to be rough. we're looking at a nasty morning commute.
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a live look it's still dry outside. we're looking at san francisco. we do have clouds out there. we're just watching clouds right now. rain has yet to arrive. i'll show what you itç0gm looks like now. live doppler 7 will be busy, soon. right now just clouds ahead of the storm system. temperatures in 50s and low 60s. we have a south wind. stormy for morning commute. rain shifts north on thursday. this is going throughout the weekend. storm one bringing us winds and rain wednesday morning this, is going tosh serious. two spreads rain, sit there, then spread south into fully. last into the series arriving here saturday into sunday
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bringing wide spread wind and rain. here is the timing. 11:00 tonight, just clouds. rain line, stormiest of the weather approaches at 5:00 a.m. gets worse as commute goes on. pockets of rain, driving winldz, we're concerned about that. high wind warnings up. wind advisory for tomorrow. this is scattered showers behind the front around 1:00. it goes on throughout the evening hours winds drop off. next system up in the north bay, notice rain just sits here. 5:00 p.m. thursday, evening commute, still nornl of the golden gate. then, we'll see rain spreading south ward. on friday, that morning commute friday does not look good weather. -- either. we'll see down pour was the sis tism. behind the system still rain
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going. so, wednesday through sunday, these are the storms. up to eight inches into the wettest loks. six inches a half foot in the north bay. dropping off to the three inch range. flood watch thursday afternoon, sunday afternoon, lake county delta. this includes sacramento valley flooding of creeks and streams are a big concern.zj+lh and looking at the sierra nevada storm levels starting 9,000 feet dropping. that is where winds -- winter weather advisory goes up until 10:00 p.m. gusty winds could create chain control possibilities. tomorrow morning upper 40s to mid-50s. give extra time. it's going to turn stormy, fast. and then, tomorrow after the foon, scattered showers upper
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50s to mid-60s. strongest winds and rain arriving during morning commute. storms are a possibility. wet throughout the weekend. by weekend we may be talking about flooding. monday, we get a break. by tuesday a chance of rain. in the north bay this, looks serious. no doubt bit with three storms coming and not a major break in between. we'll be concernedmhakéç weeken. >> first strong series of storms. >> yes. exactly. >> thank you very much. >> raider nation we want to see your team pride. e mail your photos we'll be posting photos on abc 7 and showing on raider day. >> and breaking news out of uc berkeley now. students occupying a vacant building slated for demolition. that, when we come back.
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you're looking at a live picture. >> also, remembering a dark day in san francisco political history. >> here is a job ending all. at 6:00 meet the nasa scientist answering e mails about the mayan calendar's end of the world profesy.
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live over breaking news in uc berkeley. occupy protestors have taken over a building.ycuw >> you can see they're hanging protest banners. several out of the windows and have taken over the building because it's scheduled to be demolished soon. police are on site, monitoring so far, no arrests have been made. >> and happening now we're live at city hall vigil.
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34 years ago assassinations of george mosconi and harvey milk. that night thousands marched to honor those fallen@j'ç leade. it was the first openly gay man to hold an elective office in san francisco. considered to be one of the pioneers of the lgbt bright movement in america. >> they're starting to deck the halls of the state capitol. >> they are. coming up next tinsel and trimmings going up on the
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encounter a couple coming face-to-face with a man toting a gun after videotaping him driving erratically down street. why that is where the trouble
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began those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> for for now, christmas tree is almost ready for next week's official lighting. >> looking good, too. this year's tree is a 50 foot white fir from near redding. it's the first from a state forest. >> the tree is being decorated by hundreds of hand crafted ornament autos wednesday, the governor will light the tree with 10-year-old christian anderson of costa mesa. >> lovely sichlgt. >> yes. >> world news is up next. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. from all of us here, thanks this is "world news." tonight, showdown.tonight, show. the woman who could be the next secretary of state walks straight into the lion's den. what happened to susan rice behind closed doors today? why did her critics come out swinging? follow the mon

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